Reviews Your Reputation And Helps Improve How You Look Online

When you review your online presence, how does it look?

People Google everything these days. How do you look online if someone searches for you or your business?


RepFix is entirely performance-based. This ensures that you only pay for the results that you want. With a price per position pricing structure, you only will be charged if the sites you want pushed down actually do move down in the results.

No Long Term Commitment

Many services will require long term contracts that are usually 6 months oreven a year long! These long term contracts usually come with no guarantee that there will even be results. We don’t require any contracts!

Customized Campaigns

Every set of search results is different and requires a customized approach and strategy. All of our campaigns are crafted in order to take the quickest route possible to achieve results for our campaigns.

Hassle Free Setup

When it comes to getting your campaign launched, it only takes a few minutes to get setup. We don’t require you to do any of the heavy lifting and we don’t require you to do any of the work either. We can take care of you every step of the way.

Let Your Online Presence Shine

When people search for you, show them the best results that you want them to see
How do you want to be viewed online?

If you are like most business owners, you serve tons of customers that are satisfied, but never leave positive reviews or feedback about your business. Unfortunately, it is always the disgruntled customers that will go online to vent and overshadows all the 99% of happy customers that you serve. That is not an accurate reflection of you or your business! Put your best foot forward by making sure that when people search for you, they see the reviews that you want them to see.

We've helped hundreds of clients over years improve their online reputation. helps individuals, businesses and even VIP or high profile individuals that need help with their search results. Check out some reviews to see how we have helped our clients achieve the results they needed!


1. Easy Campaign Creation

We're a performance-based service and you aren't charged unless your negative results move down in the search results. You are only charged for the results that you want.

2. Customized Campaigns

Every reputation campaign has a different strategy that is implemented. We create a custome approach for each of our clients that has the strongest impact to help achieve long lasting results in the quickest amount of time possible.

3. Private Dashboard

All of our clients have their own private Client Dashboard that you can log into and track progress. Within your Dashboard, you can follow along and also manage your campaign at any time.